"I can't imagine living in a world without wildlife."

"I want to create awareness about all the animals who are facing extinction."

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About the brand

Sustainable fashion with a heart.

Did you know that elephants, rhinos and lions have 10 years to extinction? With a purchase of one item of Very Important Animals we make a donation of €5-10 to 'National Park Rescue'. With only €5 National Park rescue can remove at least one poacher trap. Knowing that this trap can kill at least 10 animals, you are truly making a difference.

Very Important Animals T-shirts & sweaters are made of organic cotton and have a beautiful soft fit.It is is a member of 'Fair Wear Foundation'.

All sweaters have an own designed Very Important Animal patch, made with a technique which demands a manual touch, so no big industrial machinery is involved.

Let's save wildlife together!

Little effort, BIG difference.

About National Park Rescue

The eleventh hour has gone...

Elephants, rhinos and lions have 10 years to extinction. This shows that the present solutions do not work. Insane budgets have become the norm, but little actually goes a long way in Africa. National Park Rescue does things differently. With their powerful mix of diplomacy, direct action and military direction they make a real world impact!